I help regulated industries to automate and optimize their AWS infrastructure.

  • Your current problems
    • Manual AWS Infrastructure:
      Is your AWS infrastructure manually set up, leaving it vulnerable to human errors and inconsistencies?
    • Inconsistent Test Environments:
      Do your test environments differ from one another, leading to unpredictable results and deployment challenges?
    • Lengthy Release Cycles:
      Are your software releases taking days or even weeks, causing delays and hindering your ability to deliver value promptly?
  • Imagine a streamlined world where
    • Your AWS infrastructure is automated and optimized, eliminating manual errors and inefficiencies.
    • Every test environment is consistent, ensuring predictability in your deployments.
    • Software releases are swift and reliable, enabling you to deliver updates and new features in record time.
    • All this happens in a compliant way.
  • What to do next

    I specialize in automating and optimizing AWS infrastructures.

    With my personalized approach, I ensure you receive solutions tailored to your needs. From migrations to serverless applications, I believe in the power of automation to enhance your infrastructure's quality, efficiency, and security.

    Let me help you transform the way you manage your AWS environment.

CEO Thorsten Höger - About Me

  • Who am I?
    • AWS Automation Evangelist:
      Recognized by the AWS Heroes program for significant contributions in automating AWS infrastructure, showcasing a passion for cloud technology and a commitment to innovation in the tech industry.
    • Expert in Cloud Development Kit (CDK):
      Renowned as one of the top non-AWS contributors to the AWS CDK, demonstrating deep expertise and leadership in cloud infrastructure as code.
    • Open-Source Advocate:
      Maintainer of several impactful open-source projects, contributing to the broader tech community by sharing knowledge, tools, and innovations.

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