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AWS Security Review

The AWS Security Review provides a general review of your AWS baseline, including authentication, account separation, compliance, and security best practices.

It performs an in-depth analysis of your identity and access management, validating IAM policies follow the principle of least privilege.

The service reviews your network security, VPCs, ACLs, security groups, and subnet configuration to minimize your attack surface.

AWS Cloud Security Retainer

Erhalten Sie unbegrenzten 24/7 Zugriff auf einen AWS Cloud Security Experten via Telefon, E-Mail und Chat, um Ihr IT-Team bei Cloud Compliance-Anforderungen zu unterstützen und die Sicherheitsvorteile von AWS optimal zu nutzen.

Profitieren Sie von proaktiver Beratung bei der Entwicklung von Cloud Security Richtlinien, Schulungen der Security- und Entwicklungsteams zu AWS Best Practices, Optimierung Ihrer AWS Architektur für erhöhte Sicherheit und mehr.

AWS Cloud Automation Retainer

Get unlimited access to cloud automation expertise via phone, email, and chat to help optimize your AWS infrastructure and release processes.

Strategic consulting provided through regular meetings and reviews of architecture, provisioning pipelines, and more.

AWS CDK Coaching

AWS CDK coaching service provides access to CDK expert to help with AWS CDK applications, libraries, and pipelines.

Benefits include access to me via Slack, email, etc. - Monthly plans starting at 499 EUR.

AWS CDK App Review

Get your AWS CDK application reviewed by an expert to ensure it uses best practices and avoids common mistakes.

In a 30-minute intro call, present your CDK app and challenges. Then get a thorough code review and a 1-hour feedback session.

Fixed price service for 2499€.

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