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A comprehensive security assessment of your AWS environment to identify risks and provide recommendations to strengthen your cloud security posture.


What is included?


The first step is a review of your AWS baseline, the user authentication and the separation of workloads into different accounts. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure, including the number of instances, the amount of storage, and the compute capacity. I will compare your setup to AWS cloud best practices regarding security, availability, and durability and provide recommendations on how to optimize it. This step includes a review of your security guard rails and your compliance monitoring to ensure that your infrastructure complies with industry standards.


The main task of this review is a deep dive into your IAM users, roles, and policies. I will check if all permissions are granted based on the principle of least privilege and provide guidance on further restricting access to your resources. Additionally, we will analyze your access management and guide you to narrow down the actions and resources to the minimum required to perform your business operations. I will also review your resource policies for S3, KMS, and other cross-account services to ensure that they are properly configured. The goal is to minimize the attack vector on your AWS principals to prevent security breaches and data loss while providing the necessary level of access for your business operations.


Last but not least, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your VPC configuration with regard to network ACLs, security groups, and routing and subnet configuration. I will ensure that your infrastructure is only as accessible as needed and that no unnecessary connections from the outside can be established into your secure cloud environment. In addition, I will provide recommendations on how to secure your network further and optimize it for performance and scalability. This includes analyzing your traffic patterns and providing guidance on how to optimize your routing and subnet configuration, as well as your security groups and network ACLs.


The AWS Security Review service's price varies based on your AWS organization's size. The pricing ranges from 2,500€ to 10,000€. The cost of the service is determined based on the scope of your AWS environment. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me for a customized quote based on your specific needs.

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